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About Me

I was born in Marietta, Georgia. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a BA in Journalism, I pursued filmmaking in NYC for a brief stint before returning to Atlanta. I continued in digital video production for many years. After my own powerful experience in therapy, I began the Masters program at Mercer University's School of Medicine for Family Therapy in Atlanta. The MFT program is centered around systems theory and this comprehensive approach to understanding relationships transformed how I see myself and others. As of May 13, 2022, I am a fully Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT).


My approach is holistic in nature. I recognize that people have an interconnected sense of self. One's physical health affects mental health, which affects emotional health, which affects relational health. These arenas affect each other in a never-ending cycle of evolution and change. No one area is more important than another. We will focus on all of these aspects of your life in therapy. I am passionate about helping people break through to new experiences and new understandings of themselves and the relationships in which they live and breathe. Some approaches I use: narrative therapy, symbolic-experiential, and sand tray work.


I am a member of AAMFT and GAMFT, as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). 


I have been married for 20 years and we have 5 children, 2 of whom are adopted from China. 


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Learn. Adapt. Grow. 


How you see yourself is shaped through many variables over the course of your life. It is of prime importance to take the time and understand how you understand yourself. This is key to understanding your motivations and behaviors. 


Addiction can present itself in many forms. Addiction is a coping method, and while it offers a path of survival, it can have undesirable outcomes. Intuitive Change Therapy utilizes mindfulness as an approach towards recovery, recognizing that new patterns of functioning can be formed through awareness. 


Story is the accessible way you understand yourself and others. Looking at your narrative, understanding the themes and patterns that emerge, and harnessing a sense of control over your future story can revolutionize the way you function. 


Trauma is subjective. Whether it originates from a single, dramatic event or over time through subtle happenings, trauma affects the way you function. There is a strong correlation between addiction and trauma. Intuitive Change Therapy recognizes this correlation and offers avenues toward change and growth into new patterns of thriving.


While self-work is a cornerstone for change, how you interact with others in relationships is an area that influences your overall health and well-being. Intuitive Change Therapy sees relationships as integral to growth and offers comprehensive therapeutic approaches to bridge how people interact with each other. 

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I have worked with members of the rainbow community in my graduate school clinic as well as my post-grad therapy work. My practice is inclusive and you will experience an affirmative atmosphere as we work together. 

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